Cesky Krumlov!

Cesky Krumlov was the most magical fairytale-like village that I have ever visited. Nestled among the red roofs and sweet shops, there was a sense of coziness that is hard to come by. We came here for one of our ISA program trips, and it was possibly my favorite day trip. For a three hour drive, this photogenic destination is definitely worth the drive.

The Experience:¬†Upon arrival of this little city, it didn’t look like much. After a long drive on a bus with 50 kids, I was tired and disheveled. This was, however, when we proceeded on a small hike to the top of the village where the castle stands, as well as the most fantastic view. It definitely took my breath away to look over this picturesque river surrounding the town. Eventually we wound our way through the castle, and down into the center of Cesky Krumlov. On our way down, we passed the famous bears who have been kept since the medieval days, but they were asleep so we actually didn’t see them at all. We were given a few hours to walk around so Alena, Hayley and I set off into the city to see as much as we could. Like a maze, the cute streets wound in and out, making it difficult to know where we were, and easy to happily continue getting lost. The town was rather touristy, evident by the many souvenir shops and overpriced cafes. Despite this, I enjoyed the little stores and we ended up getting a coffee before we rejoined the group to tour the Castle. The castle tour was a bit underwhelming- I have seen so many beautiful cathedrals and palaces in my travels to Italy¬†and Russia, that this Moravian grand home did not compare. It was interesting, however to learn some of the history, though I honestly cant recount a thing that I heard. After a long day of exploring and a 1.5 hour tour, I was about ready to head home and we soon did just that. I was very grateful for my visit to the sweet village of Cesky Krumlov, and feel that the time we spent there was just perfect.


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