The only thing better than visiting the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria? Visiting with my parents as a side trip for their time in Prague. Our time was short but sweet, and I cannot imagine better travel partners than Mom and Dad.

The Journey: We took flexibus to Vienna at 7 am Friday morning, so it was quite an early morning for the three of us. Luckily though, the bus station was only an 8 minute walk from their hotel, so we easily made it on time. Once on board, the journey could not have gone smoother. The views through the Czech Republic are so scenic that it made the 5 hours pass quickly, and before we knew it we had arrived in Vienna. The bus station was quite a ways out of the city, so we ubered to our hotel. What I would do without uber this semester in Europe is beyond me. It is such a helpful tool that ensure a quick, safe and reliable arrival at your destination, and it makes a huge difference since I am living here without a car. The first thing that we did in Vienna was inquire about the hop on/hop off bus, a tourist attraction that is so worth the money, especially if you only have a few days in the city. We rode the hop on hop off bus for maybe 3 hours, and learned all about the history of the city while enjoying the upper level views. Eventually we returned to our hotel, and layered up before heading to a restaurant for a late lunch. We wandered around until we found a nice restaurant where I got some amazing risotto. It was good for us to get food in our stomach’s and we headed on to check out the museum square?? area. Every building in Vienna is beautiful and it reminded me a lot of Paris mixed with Prague. We wandered and later got on the hop on hop off bus for the night route. I think that we all three expected the information to be different, while in reality it was almost the same, so I turned on my music and enjoyed the night time city views just as much. When we returned, we stopped in the hotel restaurant to get dinner, and it could not have been more satisfying.

Saturday morning we decided to do the alternative hop on hop off bus route that takes you out to the Habsburg Summer Palace. It was so incredible and couldn’t have been a better way to finish off our Vienna trip. The palace was so ornate and extremely similar to the palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. We did the shorter tour version, that allowed us to return to the hotel before our checkout time at 1pm. Then we stopped for a quick lunch and headed back to the bus and back to Prague to finish up my parents vacation!


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