Advice to future study abroad students!

Before heading to Prague, I did a lot of research regarding where I would be going, what to pack, and little things that would be easily forgotten. Needless to say, there were still so many both tangible and intangible things that I realized I had forgotten about when I arrived in Prague. In an effort to make the transition even a little easier for future friends studying abroad, I decided to keep a running list throughout my semester! Xoxo, Kel


  1. Portable chargers will save your life!
  2. A phone with larger storage will make your life 10x easier.
  3. You are not gonna meet the love of your life at a bar or club.
  4. Don’t let yourself feel guilty about not going out every night, or too often!
  5. Sleep is so so important while abroad.
  6. Spotify Premium! Having downloadable music is a blessing for flights and public transportation.
  7. Unhealthy food is pretty unavoidable, so don’t stress it to much and enjoy yourself!
  8. I didn’t a gym membership, but wish I would have. However, it is so easy to jog when you are in a new city and it is a good way to explore.
  9. Don’t forget to be a tourist in your own city!
  10. Pre pack a good and secure packet with important document copies for when you travel.

On Clothing:

  1. Get a small solid cross body zip purse that will fit essentials, and be easy to protect from pickpockets.
  2. Pack less than you think you will need, you will probably shop while abroad anyway.
  3. A blanket scarf is the best thing for flights!
  4. My leather jacket was my favorite jacket while abroad, so versatile!
  5. If you buy a winter jacket, invest in a nice one. (I bought one on the cheaper side, and regretted that when the zipper broke halfway through winter)
  6. Also invest in good walking shoes or insoles.

 On Hostels:

  1. Don’t forget flip flops for the hostels!
  2. No matter the price difference, a 22 bunk mixed dorm is not a good idea.
  3. There are so many different plugs in Europe! Get a multiple plug converter.
  4. Always check the hostel beds for bed bugs asap!
  5. Co-Ed dorms are not too bad, but if you travel alone, opt for female.
  6. Make sure the location is actually in the city area, not ‘kinda close’. Location Matters!
  7. Don’t forget a lock with a key!

On Travelling:

  1. The Smaller the group the better!
  2. Also, Don’t commit yourself to a trip with only 1 person, before really getting to know them!
  3. Sights like SkyScanner, and GoEuro will be your best friends.
  4. Don’t go hard at nightlife in other cities if it will affect your experience and enjoyment of the following days. Better to sleep well and be fully present while touring.
  5. Some destination experiences can be completely different depending on when you go: consider off season/on season cities (like greek islands), daylight savings time, weather. Save your better trips for when it will be good weather.
  6. European airlines have some smaller overhead bins for carryon luggage. Don’t just assume your american carryon will fit, if you want to avoid stress at the airport. Look it up online, or bring a smaller carryon.
  7. Sometimes a 7am flight will make you more tired and be more of a hassle than it is worth.

On Experiences

  1. If you get the chance, Oktoberfest is a  must do.
  2. My favorite weekend was Ireland! It is beautiful and so fun.
  3. The most beautiful place that I went to was Santorini, Greece.
  4. If you go to Paris, do it on a long weekend, because there is so much to see and do.

On Prague:

  1. If deciding between University of Economics or Charles University, I would choose Economics, you will have classes with the locals which would make it so much easier to meet them!
  2. Uber is super cheap here. A great way to get to and from the airport if you have a lot of luggage.
  3. ISA is a great program to go through that I really enjoyed. The staff is fun and helpful.
  4. There is not much air conditioning in Prague, so be prepared for the hot months to be really hot.
  5. Also be prepared to pay for water at restaurants, even tap water if they bring you a jar for a group.
  6. Smoothies here are not good- they barely use ice.
  7. Definitely go to a Sparta Soccer Game- I did it in my last week and wish that I would have earlier.
  8. Don’t take Prague for granted, because I already miss it so much!!



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